Thursday, November 14, 2013

Have we just been strung along all this time?

About string theory, that is.  An important, recent experiment failed to find evidence concerning the nature of electrons that makes the plausibility of supersymmetry (basically, string theory) very unlikely.  It's a blow to those working in the "New Physics" paradigm, as this an article at Scientific American makes clear:
Scientists are unanimous that their current theory of physics is incomplete. Yet every effort to expose a deeper theory has so far disappointed. Now the most sensitive test yet of the shape of an electron—a property that could expose underlying “new physics”—has failed to find hints of anything novel. The finding rules out a number of favored ideas for extending physics, including some versions of a popular idea called supersymmetry.
The article is a little heady, but not entirely inaccessible.  If you're game, check it out here.