Sunday, November 10, 2013

Flight and fight

Do both, I say.  But as Neal McCluskey at Cato@-Liberty explains in his post about government control of the educational system, it's become increasingly harder for parents to flee:
Public schooling politics is a zero-sum game: all people pay in, but only those with political power get control. That is exactly why public schools drive such vitriol and anger. It is like politics generally, but with the emotionally charged, added stakes that people’s children and, often, their basic values, hang in the balance. Making matters worse is that basic decisions about crucial questions—including who is held “accountable,” how, and what children will learn—have for roughly 50 years been increasingly made at the federal level. As a result, people who want something different can’t move to another district or even state to get the education they want. There is no more flight. There is only fight.
His article, though relatively short, is packed with insight.  Recommended and available here.