Monday, November 11, 2013

Capitalism: The victim-less system

Capitalism, properly understood and implemented, is the only political-economic system devised by mankind that forbids the sacrifice of humans to humans, in any form, at any time.  In an excellent essay at Capitalism Magazine last week, Jaana Woiceshyn, writing in response to an ignorant and stupid tweet from a Canadian politician, expands on this thought in blistering fashion.  Here's her powerful, thought-provoking conclusion:
In every statist system, including the mixed economies prevalent in most countries of the world, there are victims because the individual rights are not fully protected and governments themselves initiate physical force in varying degrees, from taxation and confiscation of property for the sake of alleged “public interest” to imprisoning and executing dissidents. If we want more freedom and recognition of individual rights—necessities for human survival and flourishing—the first step is to understand what capitalism means and then promote it, by educating all those willing to listen. Elizabeth May might not be among them but many others will be.
The rest of her article is excellent, recommended, and available here.