Thursday, October 3, 2013

Worried about the government shutdown? Don't be

That's according to staffer Matt Welsh in an article that appeared at yesterday.  The basis for his view is that, unbeknown to the vast majority of the American public, the government has been shut down many times since the days of Jimmy Carter and always with little or no serious damage to the economy or our social fabric.  And Welsh explains why he thinks this time is really no different than the others.  But beyond this, what I found most valuable with his article is the discussion towards the end concerning some potential upsides to the closing, including this:
For starters, closing down Washington provides one of the only occasions to have a national discussion of what is and is not "essential" government work. At a time when entitlements, pensions and debt service will be swallowing ever-larger slices of the budgetary pie at all levels of government for as far as the eye can see, this is an exercise we'll all soon have to master.
For a related article on "essential workers", check this IBD post, also from yesterday.