Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekend Links

Lysander Spooner was one of the earliest American libertarians and a staunch critic of expansive government.  In this article, historian Sheldon Richman recounts Spooner's arguments -- powerful all of them -- against the idea that the government can take on debt and hold us, the citizens, liable for its repayment.

Know what the Curry Triangle Paradox is?  Watch this fascinating video to find out and then read how it's resolved.  Really cool.

In the last edition of Weekend Links, I linked to a Forbes article rejecting the "give back to society" mantra.  If you liked it or want to explore that perspective more deeply, check out this video from philosopher Craig Biddle, editor of The Objective Standard.

Interested in a little civil disobedience directed at our governmental monster? Here's fifty ways to get you started.