Monday, October 14, 2013

The wrong principle

Philosopher Harry Binswanger had an excellent commentary on the government shutdown last week.  He takes a philosophical approach and, in so doing, concludes that the Republicans, by focusing primarily on stopping the Obamacare Monster, have missed the more important, powerful principle on which to take a stand:
I think the Republicans have picked the wrong principle. The principle is not Obamacare must go. That’s an excellent goal but it is not a principle, and it’s not a goal that can be achieved with Obama in office and the Democrats in control of the Senate.
The principle here is that a country can live beyond its means. The fact is that we are bankrupting ourselves by degrees. If the Republicans held made not raising the debt limit (again) the issue, on the grounds that the debt limit is set in order to stop just what’s happening, I think they could gain by their resoluteness.
Binswanger is a major deep thinker, and virtually everything he writes requires concerted mental effort and challenges existing views.  This relatively short article is no different.