Monday, October 28, 2013

(Related update): More Enviros on the run: The Australian Edition

Related update:  Yep, Tony Abbott definitely gets it.  He knows the environmentalism movement is dominated by socialists, "watermelons" as they're often called, because they're socialist red on the inside and wrapped in green on the outside.  Here's some recent comments of Abbott's:
Australia’s newly elected prime minister pulled no punches when giving his thoughts on the country’s carbon tax, which he says must be abolished as quickly as possible.

“The carbon tax is bad for the economy and it doesn’t do any good for the environment,” Abbott told The Washington Post. “Despite a carbon tax of $37 a ton by 2020, Australia’s domestic emissions were going up, not down. The carbon tax was basically socialism masquerading as environmentalism, and that’s why it’s going to get abolished.” [Emphasis Marc Street]
Good on you, Tony Abbott!
Original Post:  I mentioned in a recent post that things might start getting difficult for the enviros in Australia since the recently-elected PM Tony Abbott appears to be an AGW (i.e., man-made global warming) skeptic.  Well, the Global Warming Policy Foundation reports that there's no doubt about it -- Abbott has a mind to send the enviros packing:
Public servants are drawing up plans to collapse 33 climate change schemes run by seven departments and eight agencies into just three bodies run by two departments under a substantial rewrite of the administration of carbon abatement schemes under the Coalition. Coalition climate action spokesman Greg Hunt briefed public servants on the dramatic restructure of the federal climate change bureaucracy before the election was called and yesterday confirmed the Coalition was committed to proceeding with the plan.
Under the simplification, the Department of the Environment and the Department of Resources and Energy will run all of the climate change programs under the Coalition’s direct-action program.
The move is forecast to save the government tens of millions of dollars. The Coalition budgeted for savings of $7 million this financial year rising to $13m in each of the next three years for a saving of $45m across the budget period.
And there's this little gem of an item at the very end of GWPF's post:
The CEFC confirmed yesterday it had stopped making loans for energy efficiency and clean energy programs. Staff at the $10 billion green bank are seeking a meeting with the incoming Abbott government as a top priority.