Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Politics is the profession of scoundrels".

Economist Don Boudreaux makes that point and more over at his blog, Cafe Hayek, today.  In commenting on the those peddling excuses for Obama's blatant, intentional lying about the Obamacare Monster prior to its passage, he has this to say:
Some of the president’s most central and important claims about Obamacare are revealed now – and widely admitted – to be wrong.  If he were the CEO of a private company he would be sued, publicly lambasted by all the major media, perhaps hauled before an admittedly grandstanding Congressional committee, and possibly prosecuted, convicted, fined, or even imprisoned for fraudulent misrepresentation.  But because Obama is a politician, his misrepresentations are excused as simplifying descriptions aimed at persuading the doofus public to fall for legislation that they would not have fallen for had the president described that legislation honestly and accurately.

Politics is the profession of scoundrels.
Yes indeed.  Another interesting thought: what would the media reaction be if this had happened under a Republican administration?