Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More, faster please

My honorific title concerns blogger Glenn Reynolds and his interesting USA Today article this week.  It's an optimistic take on the effects of technology and the delivery of medical care, certainly an area of immense importance as the Obamacare Monster and the on-going assault on the medical communities continues unabated.  Here's an informative slice of his article:
While we're a long way from the "autodocs" featured in some science fiction stories, the proliferation of devices that can do extensive blood tests and diagnostic workups doesn't seem that far away. Neither does the creation of freestanding gadgets that can diagnose things such as strep throat and other staples of doc-in-a-box or nurse-in-a-box practices now.
While such devices will be expensive at first, they're likely to get steadily cheaper and more capable because, as electronic gadgets, they'll benefit from Moore's Law, the steady increase in computing power.
His article is definitely worth your while, so check it out here.