Thursday, October 31, 2013

A call for term limits

In his most recent article at Capitalism Magazine, OLS hero Thomas Sowell makes a cogent case for restricting political service to just one term.  An important point he makes concerns  the political process and how it's structured to virtually ensure re-election, term after term.  Here's Sowell:
The very longevity of incumbents in Congress makes it expedient for them to treat each other as “facts of life” — people with whom you have to “go along to get along.” One of their common interests as incumbents is reelection. This can lead to all sorts of bipartisan log-rolling legislation to hand out the taxpayers’ money in ways that benefit incumbents of both parties.

In short, longevity in office can create more longevity in office. Moreover, this longevity can attract campaign contributions from special interests who expect something in return — if only a lightening up on government restrictions and red tape.
As always, his article is thought-provoking and insightful.  And, as always, it's highly recommended.