Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend Links

This article really caught my eye.  It claims that the shortage of STEM trained or STEM degree-seeking employees is really a myth, and that we actually have a glut of such people! Before you dismiss it out of hand, bear in mind that the article was published at the website of IEEE -- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.  You'd think they'd have an incentive to know...

Was the Great Fire of London (1666) the result of an accident involving a baker to the King, or was it part of a Papist plot?

Yet another excellent EconTalk podcast with Russ Roberts.  This time the topic is the economics of grocery product location -- why is the milk always in the farthest possible refrigerator? Listen and find out.

Archeologists believe they have zeroed in on the beginnings of ancient Egypt (interesting; I'm slightly skeptical of the precise dating, though).