Thursday, September 12, 2013

Want to know why the Founders created the 2nd Amendment? Read this...

In my earlier post today celebrating the recall of two anti-gun Colorado politicians, I indicated that self-defense was an important reason why the Founders protected the individual's right to bear arms.  Well, if you want an even more important reason why they created the 2nd Amendment, sit down and take the time to read and think about this article by a former Chinese supporter of Mao and communism, now living in America.  Here's a couple of powerful excerpts to entice you:
Citizens were not allowed to have any guns or they would be put into prison, or worse. Chinese people were helpless when they needed to defend themselves. I grew up with fear, like millions of other children — fear that the police would pound on our doors at night and take my loved ones away, fear that bad guys would come to rob us. Sometimes I could not sleep from hearing the screaming people outside.
There were many stories of local people defending themselves with kitchen knives and sticks. Women were even more helpless when they were attacked and raped. I was molested as a college student once while walking home at night. It was common then.
We could not vote. No elections back then. The party appointed all the officials. Remember the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989? Thousands of students were killed by our own soldiers, who followed orders from the top leaders in Beijing. The local residents supported the students but had no means to help them. What if the residents and students had had guns? What if there had been a militia in China at that time? History might have been different.
This is a harrowing, must-read account of an amazing woman and her call to ideological arms.