Saturday, September 14, 2013

Think renewable energy use has been growing and will be very important in the near future? Think again

The environmentalist the environmentalism movement loves to hate, Bjorn Lomborg, has a great article at discussing the past, present, and very likely future of renewable energy.  The title of his article captures the tone: "The Decline of Renewable Energy".  Here's his opening paragraph:
Many today believe that renewable energy will let us get off fossil fuels soon. Unfortunately, the facts say otherwise.  According to International Energy Agency data, 13.12% of the world’s energy came from renewables in 1971, the first year that the IEA reported global statistics. In 2011, renewables’ share was actually lower, at 12.99%. Yet a new survey shows that Americans believe that the share of renewables in 2035 will be 30.2%. In reality, it will likely be 14.5%.
Read the entirely worthwhile article, in its entirety, right here. [ht: GWPF].