Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rocky Mountain Recall

This is great news for all those who support the 2nd Amendment! Lawmakers in Colorado who engineered restrictive gun control laws in the wake of two recent mass murders have lost their jobs!  Here's the liberal NYTimes acknowleging the significance of the Colorado recall vote yesterday:
Two Colorado Democrats who provided crucial support for a package of state gun laws were voted out of office on Tuesday in special elections seen as a test of whether swing-state voters would accept gun restrictions after mass shootings at a Colorado movie theater and a Connecticut elementary school. 

 The vote, which came five months after the United States Senate defeated several gun restrictions, handed another loss to gun-control supporters and gave moderate lawmakers across the country a warning about the political risks of voting for tougher gun laws.
The right to life means nothing without the right to self-defense.  And the right to self-defense is only meaningful if individuals are free to use weaponry equal to that of those who threaten their lives.  Since the advent of the gun, that means guns as legitimate weaponry for self-defense.  The Founding Fathers understood this, which is part of the reason why the right to bear arms is part of the Bill of Rights.