Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Now Bono's promoting tax competition!

I think my head is going to explode!  The Center for Freedom and Prosperity reports that Bono and U2 are parking their wealth in the Netherlands, but believe they have Ireland's blessing.  From the CFP post:
Bono has made a fresh defence of U2’s tax arrangements, claiming the Irish government would ultimately appreciate the band’s decision to offshore a share of its income through the Netherlands….
“U2 is in total harmony with our government’s philosophy,” he told The Observer. “Tax competitiveness has taken our country out of poverty. [The revenue] accept that if you engage in that policy then some people are going to go out, and some people are coming in.”
He added: “At the heart of the Irish economy has always been the philosophy of tax competitiveness. On the cranky left that is very annoying, I can see that. But [that] is why Ireland has stayed afloat.
Between this new development, and this previous Bono declaration, I can now love U2 again!