Tuesday, September 17, 2013

IRS Scandal Investigation Re-energized

In his weekly USA Today column, UTennessee law professor and blogger extraordinaire Glenn Reynolds revisits the investigation into the IRS scandal, noting that it seems to be re-gaining momentum now that political energy is shifting away from the Syria debacle.  A recent uncovering of emails suggests that the specific, intentional targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups prior to the 2012 elections was orchestrated at the very top of the IRS hierarchy, if not actually in the White House.  Reynolds also notes:
The emails also reveal Lerner's concerns that the Democrats might lose their Senate majority, and her hopes that the Federal Election Commission might "save the day" by interfering with right-leaning grassroots activity. The IRS also shared information with the FEC, something not permitted by statute, raising questions about just how politicized both agencies were.  [Emphasis Marc Street]
There is a lot more of value in Reynolds's article.  Of particular importance is his brief discussion about how left-wing our supposedly politically neutral civil service is.  Good stuff; read it here.