Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Good things brewing down under

The voters of Australia recently elected an anti-global warming alarmism, man's man as their new Prime Minister.  Tony Abbott has many folks on the right in Australia very optimistic, as this excerpt from a fun, and insightful, post at the Aussie promoting DiploMad 2.0 blog shows:
Well, let's hope and pray mightily that newly elected PM Tony Abbott is as tough and conservative as he appears. I am delighted that, unlike in the USA, conservatives in Australia have preserved the word "Liberal" for themselves and not allowed it to be stolen and warped by the left.
I'm watching and rooting for the Aussies and Abbott big-time, particularly since he's indicated he wants to release Australia from the horrible carbon-tax chain implemented by his predecessors.  And because the guy unabashedly likes beer, sports, and women!