Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Enviros Iced: Japan on Fire

Here's another potential massive source of energy that will drive the enviros crazy, thus making it a truly worthwhile investment: methane hydrates.  And the world is a step closer to making it a reality, courtesy of recent developments by the Japanese.  From a post at the Global Warming Policy Foundation:
Here, working on their own and in collaboration with American scientists, researchers are studying sediment cores containing methane hydrates, icy constructs of water molecules with the explosive gas methane trapped within.

Hydrate-containing sediments are found in large amounts around the world, both under the sea and to a lesser extent in permafrost. If they can be tapped safely and economically, they could be an abundant source of fuel, especially for countries like Japan that have few energy reserves of their own.
The Japanese researchers’ work has already borne fruit: in March, the government announced that it had successfully produced methane from hydrates in sediments under the Pacific Ocean. The effort, conducted from a drilling ship in the Nankai Trough about 100 miles east of Osaka, was the world’s first hydrate production test in deep water.