Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apparently, you have to be a crony to get into the Obama White House

American citizens are no longer allowed to tour the White House, but American lobbyists are more than welcomed to visit and work out deals with this Administration that ultimately harm the rest of the US public.  Fox News reported yesterday that during the period March to May of this year, over 200 different lobbyists made 344 visits to the White House.  What is really fascinating is reading the brief list of companies that want to buy the Administration's power and protection.  Here's a sample:
-- Lobbyists for fellow for-profit college groups Drexel University and Career Education Corp. also had meetings at the White House, records suggest. Funded almost entirely by federally backed loans, for-profit schools are so lucrative that Apollo paid its president $25 million last year.
-- Roger R. Szemraj, who represents candy makers and other food interests, met with Doug McKalip, senior policy adviser for rural affairs, along with five other visitors. Cracking down on junk food in schools has been one of the first lady's signature campaigns.
-- Paul Carothers, who lobbies for YUM! Brands, which owns Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, met with the White House Domestic Policy Council's Julie Moreno. Alcohol lobbyists and others whose Images are not entirely aligned also had significant presences.
-- Arshi Siddiqui, who represents physicians, the movie industry, Siemens Corp., United Technologies Corp., UPS, and life insurers, met one-one-one with Obama economic adviser Jason Furman twice in April.
It gives you just an inkling of the magnitude of croynism rampant in our society and this Administration.  To be fair, Obama didn't invent cronyism -- George Bush was a master of it, as well --, but he did campaign on a platform railing against corporate influence and Wall Street power.  Yet another example of the vacuous and deceitful "hope and change" mantra.