Saturday, September 7, 2013

A handful of Thorium could power London for a week

With a hat tip to Glenn Reynolds and an echoing of his "Faster, please" article tagline, here's a technology that absolutely, positively must be developed yesterday:
An abundant metal with vast energy potential could quickly wean the world off oil, if only Western political leaders would muster the will to do it, a UK newspaper says today. The Telegraph makes the case for thorium reactors as the key to a fossil-fuel-free world within five years, and puts the ball firmly in President Barack Obama's court.

Thorium, named for the Norse god of thunder, is much more abundant than uranium and has 200 times that metal's energy potential. Thorium is also a more efficient fuel source -- unlike natural uranium, which must be highly refined before it can be used in nuclear reactors, all thorium is potentially usable as fuel.
Read more about it, here.