Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2016: Donald Trump for President?

Don't mistake this post for an early endorsement, though I honestly think that Trump's worldview is closer to the ideals we promote here at OLS than many of the larger, mainstream Republicans the media and political pundits like to consider viable candidates.  I ran across this article discussing five legitimate reasons why a Trump run in 2016 would not be a dead-in-the-water loser.  Here's an excerpt:
  • Trump brings celebrity pop culture to the GOP
Like it or not, Republicans must face the indisputable fact that we are living in an age where “celebrity” and politics have become permanently intertwined. This unfortunate development places the GOP at an extreme disadvantage since the party suffers from a severe shortage of pop culture star-power...

The good news for the GOP is that a portion of the media spotlight aimed at Trump will spill over to some of the lesser known candidates thus increasing national exposure for the entire 2016 bench.
Read the entire, thought-provoking article, here.