Sunday, August 11, 2013

Winston Churchill: Worst Briton of all time?

The New Statesman is a leading British weekly political publication, and last week they ran an interesting article where their leading contributors addressed the question, "Who are the worst Britons?". You might be surprised at the choices and, in the case of Winston Churchill, a nominee, the passion behind the choice.  Consider this particular slice of an analysis of Churchill:
He made four speeches, all of which were derivative of Shakespeare and Macaulay. Everything else about his wearyingly long public life was self-serving and disastrous: he was a terrible self-publicising hack; he was a loathed soldier; he was the worst First Sea Lord we ever had. A staggeringly inept Home Secretary, he was wrong about absolutely everything he set his sights on. He was responsible for the Dardanelles, the worst disaster of the First World War. He sent soldiers to shoot Welsh miners. He put field guns on to the streets of the East End of London. During the General Strike, he was so rabid that he had to be kept out of government, because he wanted to machine-gun bus drivers.
Click here to see some other nominees.  Pretty interesting stuff.