Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekend readings

Has Einstein finally been proven wrong about something important? Read about a fierce, raging battle among physicists. (HT: Marginal Revolution).

Frank Gannon, former aide to Richard Nixon, had an interesting WSJ article last week about John Kennedy.  Writing within the context of reviewing two books worshiping (of course) JFK, Gannon provides much fascinating reading material and offers a more realistic reading of JFK's legacy.

Sarah Hoyt is Spartacus.  And damned inspiring at that.[]

This is really, really cool! It's an 11-minute video/film about modern architecture private residences in film and is set to beautiful classical music.  Lots of great houses from famous architects that have featured in lots of great movies with great actors and actresses...Newman, Grant, Cooper....Wright, Lautner, Le Corbusier...check it out and see how many actors, architects, movies, and houses you recognize! [ht: Not PC].