Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekend links

Black economist and OLS hero Walter Williams had a great post last week on how blacks and the race-bating establishment need to forget about a "conversation about race" and instead, help blacks to stop-sabotaging themselves.

Ever wonder why virtually all major US cities have numerous decades-old, empty, rundown, dirty, and dangerous buildings still standing and blighting the city's appearance and character? The cause is almost always rent control.  Learn more about how it (doesn't!) work and why it's immoral at this post by business ethics philosopher, Stephen Hicks.

Know what a hagwon is? One thing's for sure: US teacher's unions hate the idea.

Want to live longer? Consider hitting the weights.

Despite the standard historical narrative taught in K-12, the fact is that the US Constitution was a compromise document that, in many ways, actually represents a betrayal of the principles driving the American Revolution. Surprised? Read this excellent, excellent article by freedom-promoting historian Jeffrey Rogers Hummel and be prepared to learn.  Great stuff.