Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekend links: The "Converts" Version

The three links here involve stories about important personages publicly admitting that their previous positions were wrong, and converting to "the other side". 

Bono is first. In a post earlier this week, I noted how Bono appears to be embracing the idea of free-market capitalism.  Here, I link to a Forbes article from last fall where he admits to being "humbled" by the power of commerce.

Next, we have a convert named Tisha Schuller who switched from anti-fossil fuel activism to representing one of the most important conglomerations of pro-fracking companies in the country. (Note: this very interesting article is six-pages long, and it isn't until the middle of the second page that the story of Tisha's conversion kicks in).

And lastly, professional engineer Jonathan Abbott tells us of his conversion from a believer in CAGW -- catastrophic anthropogenic (man-made) global warming -- to a skeptic.  His story has many similarities to my experiences, though I was never a believer in global warming.  The least skeptical time for me was when I first became interested in the topic and, not knowing enough to have an opinion, realized I needed to learn about it on my own.  And the more I learned, the more skeptical I became. 

Great stuff all...enjoy the articles, and thanks for checking out OLS! And if you like what you see here, why not share it with friends and family? Much appreciated!