Saturday, August 31, 2013

This is one positive outcome from the IRS scandal

The Tea Party is currently enjoying a major resurgence both financially and politically in the wake of the -- amazingly, still on-going -- IRS targeting scandal:
After a tough 2012 election season, the tea-party movement is on the rebound. Mrs. Martin, head of the Tea Party Patriots, is riding a revival of interest sparked by controversy over the IRS's much-publicized targeting of conservative groups. She says the Patriots, the tea party's largest umbrella group, suffered because of the IRS's refusal to grant it tax-exempt status but now is benefiting from the backlash. Her group's monthly donations, she says, have tripled recently, and its staff has doubled.
The excerpt above is from a very informative article at the WSJ that, through its focus on Mrs. Martin, provides insight into the Tea Party's continuing struggles against on-going IRS harrassement.  The article also provides a nice historical accounting of Mrs. Martin's rise to power in the movement; it's a definite OLS recommendation.