Monday, August 5, 2013

First MIcrosoft, now Apple

Over at the indispensible blog of The Objective Standard, Ari Armstrong has a scathing attack on the most recent efforts of the federal government to maim and destroy Apple.  In the wake of a recent Department of Justice anti-trust victory against Apple, the Feds are striving for massively more control of the actual business activities of the company.  Armstrong's article is valuable not only because it touches on government's immoral anti-trust case against Apple, but also because it highlights the immorality of its current efforts at harming the firm.  From the article:
In other words, the government is seeking to forbid Apple from negotiating various voluntary contracts, to force Apple to sell apps on terms it deems unfavorable, to operate a major portion of Apple’s business for a decade, and to loot the company of untold additional wealth.

Why? Because Apple dared to become so successful and to amass such vast resources and customers that it could enter the ebook market in a highly competitive manner and thus expand its productivity and offerings in ways that lawyers at the DOJ don’t like.

Did Apple violate anyone’s rights? No. All Apple did is voluntarily negotiate with book publishers to sell books to willing customers. The DOJ—acting on non-objective, right-violating laws passed and maintained by Congress—responded by waging political war on Apple.
This is another excellent article from Armstrong and TOS; I recommend you read it!