Monday, August 5, 2013

Can you name one liberty-promoting accomplshment by Hillary Clinton?

Most likely, no.  Why? Because she really hasn't accomplished much of anything in her political career.  Besides, she's no friend of liberty, the way it's properly understood here at OLS.  So, as Jonah Goldberg asks in this fascinating (!) article, why are people so fascinated by her? (HT: Instapundit).
The same goes for her career. Quick: What has the woman done? As a lawyer, what important cases did she win? As a first lady, her only major “accomplishment” was a failed health-care-reform scheme that didn’t even get a vote in the Senate. As a carpetbagging senator from New York, what historic legislation did she shepherd? Most of her party, including the president, repudiates her vote for the Iraq War. Pretty much the only thing her biggest supporters can tout about her tenure as secretary of state is that she “traveled a million miles,” which strikes me as the ultimate triumph of quantity over quality (particularly given the hot mess that is American foreign policy).
My hope is that as we get closer to 2016, this storyline -- that is, the realization that she's never been qualified for any of her political positions and has accomplished virtually nothing of note in those roles -- gains traction.  The country is currently suffering through a second term of the least qualified person ever elected to the presidency; it's time we elected someone with experience in promoting and protecting true liberty and individual rights.