Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Are they starting to queue up?

First there was Chicago? You know its bad when the New York Times has an article that not only objectively reports on the troubles of the liberal home of Obama, but draws comparisons between Chicago's pension troubles and that of bankrupt Detroit.  Indeed, at his blog Via Meadia, Walter Russell Mead, in commenting on the NYT article, says:
The fact that the Times is giving Chicago’s long-festering mess such prominent coverage this morning is a testament to how Detroit’s thunderous collapse has made all these sorts of previously over-the-horizon problems seem a lot closer and menacing. Also prominently featured in the article is the blue civil war simmering beneath the surface: public unions are squaring off against Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who has threatened to increase retirement ages and freeze inflation adjustments to union benefit plans in order to help cushion the impact of those approaching mandatory increases in the city’s outlays.
Yep, that's the thing about the liberal economic worldview: it's not grounded in reality and, though it may take time, reality will out.  And when it does, previously united liberal groups will end up blaming each other.  Personally, that's one of the very few outcomes I can think of from these cities tanking.