Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A rare dose of intellectual honesty and integrity from a global warming scientist

An important article by a climate scientist points out the damage to the cause of science by the environmentalism movement.  It's published in a leading British outlet, The Guardian, and is very insightful.  It's much less about the global warming science itself, and much more about the relationship between scientists, science, and political activism.  Here's an excellent excerpt (HT: Instapundit):
I believe advocacy by climate scientists has damaged trust in the science. We risk our credibility, our reputation for objectivity, if we are not absolutely neutral. At the very least, it leaves us open to criticism. I find much climate scepticism is driven by a belief that environmental activism has influenced how scientists gather and interpret evidence. So I've found my hardline approach successful in taking the politics and therefore – pun intended – the heat out of climate science discussions.
I strongly urge you to read this article.