Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekend links

Good summary of the current state of the green movement from a European perspective over at GWPF.  The title says it all: The Greens Can't Defy Gravity".  Worth the effort.

Here's a great, five-minute video from the Prager Institute attacking public unions.  As you'll see when you watch the video, the corruption inherent in public unions is mind-boggling, depressing, and maddening.  And when we get mad at OLS, we post and promote!

Victor Davis Hanson is an American icon, an historian of the first rank, and a man of extreme integrity.  You can see why in this absolute must-read article published earlier this week.  It's too subtle and, at the same time, too expansive for me to try and briefly describe here.  So, I strongly suggest you click, here.

Scientists used to think that plant life dated back to about 500 million year ago.  Not anymore, apparently.  The new estimation: 2.2 billion years ago! Read more here.