Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekend links

James Taranto at the WSJ provides some interesting analysis of a recent poll on racism conducted by Rassmussen.  Among the several interesting findings is that blacks consider blacks to be more racist than they consider whites to be.

Scientists have discovered mysterious bursts of tremendous radio wave energy from deep in the universe.  Some, of course, want them to be signs of alien life; the atronomers studying them, however, think they might be an extremely rare phenomena that "...give off more energy in a millisecond than the sun in 300,000 years."  Think about that  - it's mind-boggling!

Imagine the good governments around the world could do for the 1.3 billion living in abject poverty if they stopped funding the environmentalist global warming agenda and directed their dollars (well, our dollars, actually) towards solving real problems.  Well, environmentalist (of the good stripe, not a wacko) Bjorn Lomborg has done more than imagine: he's created a program do just that.  It's called the Copenhagen Consensus and it's uplifting and inspiring.

"The Fall of the Humanities" is an excellent article on the decline of the humanities in the US college educational system.  The author, Bernie Reeves, writing at the American Thinker blog, hits a home-run with his condemnation of corrupt administrators, radical, tenured 60s professors who hate traditional western values, and the current collection of "courses" comprising current-day humanities education.  Absolutely a must-read. (HT: Instapundit).

From the really cool "Maps" feature at io9, here's an interactive map entitled, "Maps of Vast Empires that No Longer Exist".  The title says it all!