Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekend links

In a guest post at the indispensable Not PC earlier this week, Austrian School economist  Detlev Schlichter tells us not believe the hype about the end of "Printmaster General" Ben Bernake's inflationary money policy.  Schlichter doesn't believe it, and you shouldn't either.

Here's a fascinating article from io9 that explains how the father of modern chemistry lost his head --- literally.  Great historical account of science vs. politics, and science losing.

Would you like to have Superman's vision? Well, scientists are getting closer: apparently a team of international scientists have developed contact lenses that have the abilty to "zoom in" at a power 3X normal!  Read about it here (ht: Glenn Reynolds).

If you're a fan of nationalism -- i.e., you believe that a country or nation-state is a legitimate, morally valid concept, then I suggest you take or do something that relaxes you before you read this seriously challenging post from Bob Higgs, economist extraordinaire (note: Higgs does not speak for me, though I admire his intellectual courage in publishing his article.  Truthfully, I'm not entirely sure what I think about this topic).