Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two potentially awesome medical breakthroughs

The first involves an electronic surgeon's knife -- called the iknife -- that detects cancerous tissue almost immediately.  From a story on this amazing technology:
“These results provide compelling evidence that the iKnife can be applied in a wide range of cancer surgery procedures,” Dr Takats said. “It provides a result almost instantly, allowing surgeons to carry out procedures with a level of accuracy that hasn’t been possible before. We believe it has the potential to reduce tumour recurrence rates and enable more patients to survive.”
And the second involves the possibility of tailor-made drug prescriptions based on the individual's DNA make-up.  From a report on that development:
Medicines that are personally tailored to your DNA are becoming a reality, thanks to the work of U.S. and Chinese scientists who developed statistical models to predict which drug is best for a specific individual with a specific disease.
Kudos and admiration to the heroic efforts of the humans involved in these advancements! Yea for human progress!