Saturday, July 27, 2013

Three more examples of Euro Enviro energy destruction

With a big nod to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, here are three stories out of Europe highlighting the struggles the UK and Germany are having providing energy within the constraints of their Green agenda.  First, the UK:
The boss of one of Britain’s biggest energy companies has warned that the Government’s new plan to stave off the growing threat of blackouts could increase the risk of the lights going out.Under the plan announced this month, the owners of mothballed power plants would be offered lucrative subsidies to rush them back into action during times of peak demand.
But Keith Anderson, the chief corporate officer of Scottish Power, said that energy companies could deliberately mothball plants that they would otherwise have kept open to make them eligible for the payments. This would cut Britain’s precariously thin spare generating margin even further.
Second, from Germany:
German coal-fired power plants have been operating in full swing in the first half of 2013. Lignite and hard coal power plants and gas plants produced 12.4 percent more power than last year. In contrast, wind turbines and solar panels delivered less electricity. German greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.
At last, also from Germany:
German utility E.ON is considering dismantling some European power plants that have been mothballed because of poor profitability and relocating them to faster-growing emerging markets such as Turkey, people familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal Wednesday.
The radical idea underscores the dire situation facing many utilities in Europe, where the combination of weak energy demand caused by the economic crisis and the rapid expansion of renewable energy is undermining the conventional power-generation business.