Thursday, July 4, 2013

This post is so cute you can't stand it!

Ever see a baby animal so cute you wanted to squeeze it hard?  Apparently, scientistist are actually studying the phenomenon under the name "cute aggression".  Here's science reporter Carrie Arnold discussing the topic at Scientific American:
New research by two Yale University psychologists details how the sight of something cute brings out our aggressive side. Rebecca Dyer and Oriana Aragon investigated “cute aggression” by showing study participants slide shows of either cute, funny or normal animal photographs. As they watched, the participants held bubble wrap...
Those looking at cute animals popped more bubbles than those in the other two groups, thus supporting the cute aggression hypothesis.  But not to worry, folks: cute aggression doesn't actually cause harm.  Scientists think it's just a way of releasing some of the psychic and emotional tension from seeing something super cute.  Like this baby elephant playing at the beach:
(HT: io9)