Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spanish cronyism: Taxing sunlight!

Like most EU countries, Spain has bought into the alternative energy agenda big-time.  So it's illuminating to learn that the Spanish government is set to punish individual citizens who want to generate power from installing solar panels and equipment on their own private property.  You would think they would reward such behavior if, as they claim, it's all about getting off fossil fuels.  But you would be wrong.  What it's really about is protecting their massive commitment to the Spanish solar industry.  In a recent post at WattsUpWithThat, it seems that the government is going to fine/tax home solar panels to the point where it's cheaper for its citizens to stay with the conventional supply source:

"The Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF), which brings together some 300 companies representing 85% of the industry, ensures that, implemented these changes [taxes/fines], it would be more expensive solar consumption [than]resorting to conventional supply. "It prevents the savings to consumers and paralyzes the entry of new competition in the electricity market,"