Tuesday, July 2, 2013

(Related update): Even More Euro Enviros on the run!

Related Update:  More good news from the Europe-continues-to-melt-away-from-the-enviros-agenda front:
A €400 billion plan to power Europe using solar panels in North African deserts has been thrown into disarray after the Desertec Foundation has withdrawn its membership of the industrial consortium it established to drive its renewable energy vision.
Courtesy GWPF, read the entire post here.

Original post:  More push-back from Germany against the global warming alarmists agenda: German politicans have warned EU leaders that if they don't adopt weaker CO2 emmission targets in the next round of treaties, they'll reduce car production activities in their countries.  From a post at the Global Warming Policy Foundation: 
Senior members of the German government have warned EU member states that German car makers could scale back or scrap production plans in their countries unless they support weakened carbon emissions rules, according to diplomatic sources.
 Good stuff! Check it out here.