Saturday, July 13, 2013

(Related update): Eco-terriorism on the rise

Related Update:  Regarding the original post below, click here to learn about a recent incident involving eco-activists harrassing mine workers in Wisconsin.  This is what desperation looks like.

Original Post:  A fascinating, albeit scary, report in Forbes today discusses how, after a lull of a decade or so, domestic eco-terriorist groups have mounted a comeback, reflected in an increasing number of violent episodes.  The current target is genetically modified (GM) foods:
In recent years, terrorists have attempted to gain sympathy and “justification” for their actions by means of disinformation campaigns that relentlessly smear the safety and utility of genetic engineering applied to agriculture.  This propaganda has been amplified by the mainstream media and by repeated mendacious claims from organic and “natural product” companies that benefit from these food scares.  “Frankenfood” headlines may sell newspapers and organic food, but this kind of “black marketing” — enhancing the perceived value of your products by disparaging those of your competitors – can also encourage serious criminal acts.
If you're like most, your understanding of GM foods is superficial, and has been shaped by the mainstream media and other left-learning entities. For an intelligent layman's discussion of the topic, see here; for a recent research report examining the massive agricultural and economic benefits to humankind, see here.