Monday, July 1, 2013

(Related update): Chemo no mo?

Related update:  And there is also this, from the highly influential, famed Matt Ridley.

Original Post:  Two recent studies published in the highly acclaimed New England Journal of Medicine have cancer doctors -- and patients -- seriously believing that the end of chemotherapy as a treatment may be within sight.  The studies are the latest in a collection that have identified treatments that are very effective in killing cancer cells without the brutal side effects that accompany chemotherapy.  From an article in Time earlier this week:
It’s the difference between carpet bombing and “smart bomb” strategies for leveling an enemy — in this case a fast-growing mass of cells that can strangle and starve surrounding normal tissues. Targeted therapies, as they are called, are aimed at specific pathways that tumor cells use to thrive, blocking them in the same way that monkeying with a car’s ignition, or its fuel intake, can keep it from running properly. The advantage of such precise strategies is that they leave healthy cells alone, which for patients means fewer side effects and complications.
Kudos to the doctors and researchers involved in this life-saving work! And read the entire article here.