Thursday, July 4, 2013

On July 4th, a defense of the American hot dog!

I'm a dog man myself, so I definitely enjoyed this fun article at the Weekly Standard debunking the idea that the hot dog is in decline.  Here's an excerpt:
The old values still abide, though, most fittingly in America's baseball stadiums where the hot dog outsells all its rivals, even though you can now buy sushi at the ball park. Somehow, in this context, a hot dog on a damp, steamed bun, and covered with watery yellow mustard seems more ... oh, authentic than slivered octopus.
If there are Americans who are eating fewer hotdogs or, even, none at all (their loss) some of us continue to eat about as many as we always have.  Resistance to change, you know, being the conservative way.  And we make a point of eating them on the 4th.