Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Obamacare + Government Schools = Propaganda

This is something you'd expect to read about in an historical account of the Soviet Union or Mao's China or Castro's Cuba: The Obama Administration is paying (bribing?) public schools in the Los Angeles area to enlist their students as foot soldiers in their effort to sell the Obamacare implementation to the general public.  If there's a better example of why we need separation of education and state, I'd like to hear it!  From the always astute, and always powerful, folks at The Objective Standard blog:
Pushing propaganda about ObamaCare clearly has nothing to do with education. But the fact that government schools are “teaching” things that they ought not be is not too surprising. As C. Bradley Thompson argues in his recent Objective Standard article, the primary goal of government schools has never been to educate students in what they need to know to become independent and successful adults. The goal of government schooling, Thompson shows, is to “indoctrinate children and mold them to the goals of the state.” [Emphasis Marc Street]
The TOS posts are almost always educational and insightful, and this one is no different.