Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mainstream US Media completely ignore lack of global warming

Julia Seymour, writing in the WSJ, reports that Obama's MSM have, in an effort to provide support for his idiotic efforts at climate control, completely ignored the fact that the planet has been slightly cooling for the last 17 years.
No doubt the broadcast networks will cheer the president's efforts, since they've spent years warning of the threat of climate change, even in the face of science that challenges their view. This year they've worried about many things including "raging infernos, surging seas, howling winds," reported alarmist claims that weren't accurate and connected weather to climate when scientists disagree. The networks have also completely ignored the "lull" in warming in recent years, in all 92 stories about climate change they reported in 2013.  [Emphasis Marc Street]
Much more of this interesting article here [ht: GWPF].