Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Euro Greens on the run: The Czech version

The Czech government announced recently that it had seen the light (and I'm not talking about sunlight!):
The Czech government approved a draft law to end support for renewable energy, proposing to stop subsidies for new projects at the end of this year.  The plan was adopted during an extraordinary cabinet session yesterday and is subject to approval by parliament, the government said in a statement on its website.  Subsidies for renewable-power sources, particularly solar plants, have raised prices for Czech energy users in the past three years as the cost is passed on through customer bills.
“The reason for this law amendment is the rising financial burden for electricity consumers,” Prime Minister Jiri Rusnok said in the statement. “It threatens the competitiveness of our industry and raises consumers’ uncertainty about power prices.”
Read more over at the GWPF. It sure seems as though each week, another European government backtracks on its previous green initiatives as the irrationality and anti-human premises of the green agenda come to life.