Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CO2: The miracle gas

And not because of its amazing life-promoting properties.  No, in this instance it refers to a new technological process being used by oil drilling firms to extract more oil from an old -- one of the oldest, actually -- oil fields in Oklahoma.  As this post from TOS points out, it could add another thirty years to the field's productive life!
The July 1, 2013 edition of Oil and Gas Journal reports that Chaparral Energy has begun injecting carbon dioxide through “injection wells”—with the expectation of producing an additional 88 million barrels of oil...
Sixty million cubic feet per day of this exhaust gas is now collected and pumped by a 23,500 horsepower compressor station, through 68 miles of 8 inch diameter pipe, to Oklahoma’s historic oilfield. Once there, it is injected deep into the ground where it pushes crude oil through the rock and into production wells, which transport the oil to the surface.

The company estimates that this technology will extend the producing life of the field by 30 years!
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