Wednesday, July 3, 2013

BART strikes again...

San Franciso residents are currently in the midst of a strike by its BART system union employees.  Apparently, an average annual salary of $71,000 and $50,000+ in benefits for a train operator constitutes grounds for demanding a raise: in this instance, 5%/yr. for each of the next three years.  My guess is that most of you haven't received raises at that level during the Obama years and aren't anticipating them in the near term, either.  But the poor municipal BART employees have been forced to go out on strike.  And of course, it's the general public transit rider and the tax payers that get screwed.  Even BART officials know this:
About the current strike, BART spokesman Rick Rice said: “About 400,000 commuters use BART every day in the San Francisco Bay area … The public doesn’t deserve to be punished.” He’s right, but citizens are being punished everyday in cities across the nation because of the misguided idea of union-dominated, government-run transit. You may be interested to know that before the 1960s, most urban rail and bus transit in America was provided by the private sector. So we certainly don’t need labor unions in mass transit—and we may not even need the government.
Read more about this event in particular, and how unions hurt the public, in general, at this interesting post from Cato-at-Liberty.