Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekend links

In 1944 famed philosopher-economist Friedrich von Hayek published The Road to Serfdom in which he argued that the dominant views of big government and governmental intervention into our lives would inexorably lead us to a state of serfdom.  Well, the last 69 years have done nothing but prove him right.  For an interesting article from the Mises Institute -- Mises was Hayek's mentor -- on bureaucracy, the IRS/scandal, and the continued march down the road to serfdom, click here. (HT: Rutger Floyd)

Think inflation is a relatively recent phenomena, the product of an advanced economy running on paper currency?  Read this and think again.

One of the cornerstones of the scientific method is the peer-review process. Experts anonymously pass judgement on research submitted to journals and, if the experts like it, the paper gets published.  So the quality of research depends, in large part, on the validity of the peer-review process.  And despite the romanticized view many laypeople -- and scientists -- have of peer-review, the reality is that it is full of politics, personal aggrandizement, and opportunism.  Read this excellent article published at WattsUpWithThat earlier this week for more on this important topic.