Thursday, June 20, 2013

Talk about suspicious.....

Yesterday, the NY Times reported on the conclusion of an internal FBI investigation on 150 altercations from 1993 to 2011 involving FBI agents shooting someone else.  Amazingly, the internal investigation concluded that the FBI acted correctly, and without fault, in every single one of those 150 incidents!  Not surprisingly, and as the article points out, in the vast majority of these incidents, the internal FBI investigation was the only one conducted. So, yeah, I'm not buying the report's conclusions at all; maybe the FBI is a relatively efficient and effective organization, but it's still a government entity.  And government entities -- every single one of them -- are full of politics, perverse incentives, and lifetime bureaucrats. Independent of the current collection of Obama-sponsered scandals and tyrannical behavior, the smart approach is to not trust or believe reports and data that come from governmental agencies.  So, I don't trust the FBI and I certainly don't believe this report.  Of course, I'm not alone:
Critics say the fact that for at least two decades no agent has been disciplined for any instance of deliberately shooting someone raises questions about the credibility of the bureau’s internal investigations. Samuel Walker, a professor of criminal justice at the University of Nebraska Omaha who studies internal law enforcement investigations, called the bureau’s conclusions about cases of improper shootings “suspiciously low.” 
It's an interesting, very informative article and definitely worth your time if you find this sort of thing interesting and annoying!  Click here (HT:Glenn Reynolds).