Sunday, June 23, 2013

SCOTUS smacking Obama around

Despite the landmark ruling supporting Obamacare, the Supreme's, over the last two years, have rejected Obama Administration legal challenges at a rate so high it maybe an all-time record.  UCLA constitutional-law professor Adam Winkler, writing at The Daily Beast, points out that typically, the US government wins about 70% of the cases argued in front of SCOTUS.  Speaking specifically about this term, Winkler states
...the executive branch has lost far more cases than it has won. Although there are still some decisions to come—and one or two cases are mixed decisions that are hard to categorize—so far the court has clearly decided 24 cases in which the United States was a party. Fifteen of those cases went against the government, while only 9 sided with the administration. That’s a winning percentage of only 37 percent—a huge drop from historical patterns.
In addition to suggesting that the constitution of the court (pun intended!) is one of the reasons for the poor performance (that is, five Supreme's don't like Obama), Winkler also notes that many of the cases this administration has brought before the court were blatent power grabs -- a fact echoed in the several unanimous court decisions of late.   Winkler also looks at four very important cases pending and predicts that the Chosen One's winning percentage is not likely to improve when the court hands down its decisions.  If this topic interests you, I definitley recommend you check out the article, here