Saturday, June 1, 2013

Related Update: So, who's the crazy one?

Related Update:  As evidence for Szasz's opinion of psychiatry and of the absurdity of much of the recently released fifth version of the field's bible, the DSM, consider this new mental disorder (HT: Not PC):
3. Caffeine Withdrawal
“Caffeine is invading our society more and more,” Alan Budney, a psychiatrist who helped develop the DSM-5, said at a 2011 industry symposium.
And then there's this:
6. Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder
Children with disinhibited social engagement disorder can be "inattentive and impulsive," says MW.
Children acting inattentive and impulsive? Now that's just crazy talk.....

Original Post: Peter Cresswell, the brains behind the blogging brawn that is Not PC has a fascinating entry today.  Actually, it's a guest post by Mises Institute contributor Doug French who writes about the classical liberal psychiatrist, Thomas Szasz.  Szasz was notorious for his often brutal criticism of the psychiatric field, much of which found its way into the higly influential monthly, The Freeman, which is how I first learned of him.  As an enticement, here's an excert from French's informative article:
Everywhere you look there is a disorder, and someone who is allegedly suffering it. But after just a few precious minutes spent with a psychiatrist, the troubled are sent off to their friendly pharmacist for the modern version of "mother's little helper."
Thomas Szasz, who died at age 92 last fall, believed the psychiatric community was -- dare I say it -- nuts.
It's a worthwhile article that includes links to additional work by and about Szasz. Click here to access the entire article.